Premier Release

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First Album/Mixtape release under Dual Citizen Music
March 22, 2019
iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more..

Name change ongoing

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Website has officially changed name, but only half way done, as no music has been made under this name yet. Instagram and Facebook pages have been changed. Music is being made that will be registered and released under Dual Citizen. Expect to see new music, youtube channel, soundcloud and website within the next couple of months! Stay Tuned. I will be doing a few AFROPOP DJing events in the bay area and swag is available for purchase in the Swag page of this site. Enjoy! And stay tuned…@dualcitizenmusic

Name change coming soon…

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Just an update to let you know I will be doing a name change very soon. “DUAL CITIZEN” is what I will be going by.

My first night out under this name will be 6/9/18 (see events page for details) but online will be a slower process. Stay tuned.

Licensing Your Music

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These days, to be a musician and actually make money off your music, I believe you need to be in the game of licensing. Simply just making music and releasing it isn’t enough, as you probably already know. Unless you are really well known you really can’t make anything, and even the well known artists aren’t making what they should and/or could. There are always companies and businesses and movies and shows that need music. In order for any of them to play any music they need permission, a license to use it.

So where do you go to get these companies to license your music? How do you know who is looking for music in the first place? If you find out they are looking, how do you get them to listen to YOUR music? This is where the “middle men” come in, these are companies that the companies LOOKING for music come to to help them FIND the music they are looking for. These “middle men” companies show you the opportunities, you submit your songs that you think they may be interested and then a music supervisor goes through all the submissions and chooses the final songs to be licensed for the company/project.

There are SEVERAL of these companies, YOULicense, MusicSubmit, Broadjam, Songtradr, MusicClout, you can do your own research and see which works best for you and your style. Many of them charge a monthly membership fee, some do that as well as charge per submission and some take percentage of the license. My personal favorite is Songtradr, one because I actually got my music licensed through them but also because with the low membership price and percentage they take, they let you submit and unlimited amount of songs per submission, increasing your chances and costing you less upfront.

Also, remember to have your songs copywritten and signed up with ASCAP or BMI!

Get what you are owed

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If you have your music on the internet, make sure you are getting what you are owed! Thats your work, and if people are listening to it you should be paid.

Make sure you copyright, become a member of ASCAP or BMI and SongExchange who will help you collect royalties for all the plays/streams of your music.


It is easy to get ripped off in this business, so make sure you are getting what you deserve.

Using social media

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I have recently discovered the importance of social media in running a business. I used to the it was just helpful but now I realize it is ESSENTIAL in running a business these days. Particularly in our line of work. It is basically FREE promotion. A great way to show people your work, without even going OUT. Just be sure to use the ones you feel comfortable with, you don’t have to do them ALL, and in fact it is probably more effective to have less, so you can focus more on the ones you have. It becomes a big time consumer. Instagram is by far most effective for artists. Twitter and Facebook are also key. These are the three I have started to put my time into. A great way to start getting your name and image out there before you maybe have enough to invest in real advertising…


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Music producers starting out, don’t make much money, if any, from their music but still need to devote full time hours to it. A big part of being a music producer is business, and once you are successful there are many aspects of business you  will be into. Therefore it is important you have a good business mind. If you don’t have a natural business mind I would suggest taking a business class and studying about business.

When you re starting out and not making money it is important that you find a source of income that can be flexible and still allow you the time you need to focus on your music making! Also, have enough to invest in building it, buying the equipment, going to networking events, promoting, etc.


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Happy Labor Day and Welcome back! I took the summer off from blogs but now they will continue…But only the FIRST Monday of every month for now…

I used the summer to go to events (music festivals, shows, etc.) and make more connections.

One of the most important parts of our business as a producer is getting out and making connections…

Talk to artists about what you do, your style, your dream and what you believe in. Also, make sure you are talking to artists YOU believe in and whose style you like, and will compliment yours. Give them your card. Let them hear/see your work. Offer them good deals. This is how things will get started…

Also, other producers are a big part of your business as well. Collaboration can lead to big things so be sure not only to connect with the artists but your fellow producers as well.


Producer career overview

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Beat Maker/Producer career overview:

A Music Producer writes, arranges, produces and records songs for other artists and/or for their own projects. With the growth of home recording technology many Producers find themselves pulling double or triple duty as studio owners and sound engineers. There is a lot of work that goes into being a Producer outside of the studio as well, such as attending rehearsals, meetings, going out to shows. Social media is big, giving the ability to connect with more people then ever before, but in-person interaction of course is best. Half of producing is the music, the rest is sales…and as a producer you are the product you push.

Average Annual Earnings: $49,000

General Earnings Range: $25,000 to $1,000,000

Certified Music Producer

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Its official. Just finished my last class. Certified music producer making dreams come true…


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