“I really appreciate the uniqueness of Dual Citizen, I had a lot of fun doin more afro style hip hop with him” -Mr. Stay Crunk

“BABACAR! Real African man man. My reggae dancehall with his African style, always something new, down to make new tracks with new styles anytime.” -Al Pancho

“Babacar, Dual Citizen, is very easy going and fun to work with. He knows his craft and always enjoys creating beats on the spot. He is also very open minded and welcomes new ideas during any studio session. I really had fun working with him and I can’t wait to do that again. ” Abide B.

“Babacar, a.ka. Dual Citizen, is a gifted musician whose sound innovation will undoubtedly land him a spot as one of Africa’s up and coming producers. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and always maintains a fresh perspective no matter the genre.” -Blazeen

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